Preparations for Sailing in a Foreign Place

Most of the sports teams have shown better records when they are at their home stadium than they are on the roads. This is because they are able to maintain the routine accordingly their will, they can have a nice sleep on their own bed, and they also have the idea about the venue. As the teams are comfortable, it contributes to their performance in sports.

A frequent comment that came from the sailors preparing for the Rio Olympics 2016 was getting comfortable. The teams were much concerned about the quality of the water and what was the best method to adapt to it. Along with that they also thought about how they would acclimatize to the culture and enthusiasm of the local people. In addition to that, there was also a problem of crime.

The adapting procedures with the venue where the 2020 Olympics will be held have already been started. There will be participants from a few regions who are more foreigners to the people of the western countries than Asia. Along with the culture, language and food habits are much different as well.

The athletes who will be representing their nations at the 2020 Olympics are yet to be selected, but the preparations for the participants are in full swing. Hopes are there that Maggie Shea and Stephanie Roble will be representing the USA. They have shared a report from the training camp held at the sailing venue of the Olympics in Japan. It has been mentioned that the first quarter of the training was focused primarily on the speed. They had Dave Ullman to guide them and provide them with fresh ideas and insights for their speed and setting up of the sail.

They also mentioned in the report that Stephanie and Maggie spent their last four days of the training by racing against a regatta of the coach and with other 18 teams as well.