Finer Points for the best Jungle Safari

The starting point of the journey to the sea and the sea is the pier in the town. On the boat, you will take a ride on the azure surface to nearby islands. There you can not only enjoy the always good weather, sea and breeze, but also a delicious lunch of seafood. You will enjoy dolphins and unusual cocktails. And lovers of swimming can swim or, taking a mask and flippers, explore the underwater world of the islands.

If you do not have enough of this place to enjoy the sea and islands, then you should go on a trip to the jungle. From the airport you will be taken to this island, which is lost among the waters of the Caribbean. There you can visit the marine reserve, where the water is clean, and the marine life is almost not shy. Be careful, there are beautiful coral reefs there, but you can get hurt about them! Drinks and cocktails will help you to brighten up the time for which you will be taken to another amazing place, Mermaid Island. Soak up the sun, lying on fine, almost white sand, and when you get tired of it, try Cuban dishes.

If you have heard a lot about safari, but have not visited, then go ahead! A jeep ride through the jungle to the cave will give you a lot of fun. The Cave is a bizarre place where there is sunlight, an underground river and a lake with clean, fresh water. You can even swim in it with a mask.

Then there is a walk to sea side, and on this river you can go down by boat. And you can prefer a boat trip horses, this is your choice. But before leaving you must make a rest, which will be accompanied by lunch. For the jungle safari there are the followings also.

Want exotics?

Thenwe go for the jungle. A two-hour walk through these reserved places, where the human will has little to change, is attractive for nature lovers. Here you can (albeit from afar, not worth the risk) crocodiles, turtles, birds with unusual plumage.

  • It is impossible to imagine a city without transport, “the veins and arteries of the stone jungle”. We are constantly moving around the city in transport, which means that the probability of getting into an extreme situation greatly increases. It is even easy to become a victim of a terrorist attack, it is even easier to be a victim of an attack or theft. The media has repeatedly told about gangster attacks, disassembly of fans of football clubs and just about fights in transport.
  • The seat to the right of the driver is generally considered “the place of a suicide”, since the driver, in a frontal collision, will reflexively tear the steering wheel away from the oncoming object, unconsciously substituting the person sitting next to it.

If you see an emergency situation (even if you are not a driver, after some practice you will determine such situations very well), bend your chin to your chest (this insures your neck from whiplash due to a sharp jerk at the moment of collision), round your back, pick up your knees to the stomach, and with your forearms it is better to save your face from injury. In order not to scare passengers, do it, as if rubbing your forehead with your palms. Even if you are thrown away anywhere by the force of a blow, the grouped body will minimize the consequences of this blow.

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